We’ve spent the last 5 months in Penang. Our passports have remained in the safe, and nary a boarding pass has crossed our palms. We’ve slept in our own beds, every night.  The kids took every nap in their blackout-curtained rooms.  The sun has risen at 7am and set at 7pm Malaysian Standard Time every day.  Miles, our traveling teether, even managed to squeeze out two teeth at home (guessing he couldn’t hold those molars back).  If you’re used to reading our trip reports, you might think the last few months have been pretty boring.

Not so.  It’s been almost like a vacation, but one where the kids sleep much better.  (The fact that we live on a tropical island may help it feel like a vacation a little more).  The relaxing summer has been really nice: Tim and I have splurged a bit more on nights out and babysitters, and we’ve really enjoyed regular breakfasts by the pool, spontaneous trips to the beach, and a bit of hiking in the jungle.

The travel drought ends Thursday, when we board a budget plane once again for Borneo and enjoy two days of orangutan river safari followed by four days of sea-turtle-marine-sanctuary-middle-of-ocean island time.  Adding to the mix: two good friends from Austin and their 16 month old.  As much as we loved the time “off”, I am ready to wield my passport again.  Here we go!