Officially an earthling: Nine months in, and now nine months out.

  • Communicating.  Hazel has started signing!  Her current ASL vocabulary includes: more, all done, water, what?, and sleepy.  She also waves hi, bye-bye and claps for herself at every opportunity.  Vocally, she clearly says dada and mama (or it might be ma for Miles), and I swear I have heard (ba)nana, bye, hi and (wa)water.  She also clearly has the pick-me-up sign down, and lots and lots of head shaking for no and bouncing with kicking feet and flailing arms for yes.  Pretty fun to have her talking to us this early.
  • Moving.  This girl is off, and up, and cruising.  Her crawl is quick, but still employs only the right foot as a propellor with the left knee shuffling along.  She stands up at every opportunity, especially to see what interesting things are going down the toilet.  She’s let go a few times, standing independently for a few seconds before plopping down.  I doubt she will be a 10-month walker like her bro, but she may surprise us.
  • Temperament.  She started off in this world kicking and screaming (and screaming) only to calm down and be super chill for a few months.  She is still pretty mellow, but has added a very nice element of happiness to her every day, giving us lots of smiles (more often than not-finally!) and even some great kisses.  She is fiercely determined in certain situations and her protests are infrequent but not to be taken lightly.  A metaphor: when she encounters a stacked tower, she will not Godzilla the thing, but will carefully remove the top block leaving the structure shorter, but in tact.  The look of concentration on her face is priceless.  Must break out video camera.
  • Eating.  OK, this girl is big.  Her limbs have slimmed down a bit, but her bald head and belly still scream “buddha”.  She loves her food.  Pretty much everything goes right down the hatch, so I can’t even call out favorites, although she does get pretty excited for some nori sheets (seaweed).  I give her a good mix of spoon feeding and self-feeding (when I don’t feel lazy to clean up).  She’s vegan, making the usual exceptions for butter, bacon and breastmilk.  She is still nursing strong 5 times a day, and chugging a bottle of expressed milk before bed.
  • Sleep.  No big changes, except we learned she really sleeps best at home.  Six nights away turned her back into a newborn in terms of waking up during the night.  Back in her bed and she was right as rain in no time.  Wondering how next month’s trip to the states will go…
  • Still…No teeth and not too much hair.  Maybe next month.