Getting taller and speedier, our little baby girl is growing up.

  • Crawling & Cruising.  Hazel gets around.  In fact, she is happy to do just that: potter around the house, pushing off on the right foot and dragging along the left knee.  Mornings are spent just crawling around and stopping to play with whatever is interesting.  At mealtimes, she’ll make it into the kitchen and pull up on her chair.  She has learned to climb up steps, but not get back down.  Next month, hopefully.
  • Communication. She’s got the sign for more down.  Still shaking her head for no and making an attempt at saying words.  “Ma” seems to be a go-to for most things important: momma, milk & Miles.
  • Bulky.  Yeah, I already said that.  But seriously, this girl has a great appetite and puts all the nutrients towards girth and none towards teeth or hair.  Some of it does go towards poop, I suppose.  About 5 times a day.  Favorite foods are carby, bread is a go-to favorite.  Being home, we’ve turned on the taps and she is eating just about everything.  And lots of it.
  • Adaptable.  Sheesh, this lady is mellow.  We traveled to the states and she had no qualms at all about picking up the new time zone and doing a funny nap schedule.  She settled right into a long weekend with the grandparents and found out the joys of being held.  A few smiles got her carried around constantly.  Her personality is coming out, and I think she’s someone I’m pretty glad to have around.
  • Playtime.  Hazel is way into playing.  She loves picking up little things and examining them (usually with her mouth first), and is happy at the playground with a cup and a field of pebbles.
  • Leaving it be.  Unlike Miles, Hazel seems to be happy while not getting into trouble.  I can’t tell if it is because everything is cleared out from baby proofing the first time, or if she is getting into stuff but it’s Miles stuff so I don’t notice, or if she genuinely is not a troublemaker.  Anyway, I am not complaining.