When we put this proposition to my sister, Angel, I think it was a bit daunting.  But a weekend with both kids, my parents and their dog Jake invading the Wileman’s abode turned out to be a huge success! (At least that’s what I’m told).  They had a great time getting to know each other and the routine, and I think this was a win-win-win-win for everyone involved.  At least we had fun.  Looks like they did too:

Tubing down the river.  They had one day of 90 degrees before the cold front moved in.


Hanging out with Grandpa Bob.  Is that oxytocin flowin’, dad?

“Little Rest” time, just as valuable to the grandparents! (Yes, Miles sleeps with his head under a pillow all the time)


Throw-back night at Chuck E. Cheese.


We didn’t get any photos of it, but Miles and Grandpa Bob built a Stellaluna house! (That’s a bat house for the uninitiated)  It included a trip to Lowe’s for supplies, plus a lot of dong-dong hammering and turning-turning screwdriver use.

Grandma Valerie and Auntie Angel took the kids to a pumpkin patch on a gorgeous, autumn day.



And just lots of fun eating, smiling and hanging out time.


Hazel, do you want mom & dad to go away and spend time with the Bolhouse/Wilemans again?

She said yes.  Thank you!!!