One of the impeti for our trip back to North America was the wedding of some very good friends – in Mexico! Tim and I took the opportunity to give the grandparents, aunt & uncle some bonding time with the kiddos while we headed south of the border.  The wedding was in Valle de Bravo, a 2ish hour drive from Mexico City.  We were very glad to not have the kids on the bus ride that pushed 5 hours, or on the 40 minute walk with all our stuff through town to our hotel.  We missed the kids like crazy, but they were having fun, so we did too!  Eating street food, running, hiking, exploring, staying out past dark, waking up after sunrise, drinking, and being spontaneous made for a fantastic couple days.  One downside is we were unable to experience the true spirit of the latin wedding (staying up until 4am dancing), as Tim was struck down by flu half way through the reception!  This was after I got locked in a bathroom stall minutes before the wedding and was glad I had sensible shoes and decent ups to make my escape (just thankful it wasn’t the bride – it could have been BAD!).  Great time over all!