November 2012

What a fun, mellow, sweet little girl we have on our hands.  And almost one year already!  Here is her last update before being an official toddler.

  • Moving.  She’s on the move, and also on the stand.  Just a finger’s hold away from walking, I think she is holding out for our anniversary (when Miles too his first steps – Dec 4).  Her crawl is quick, and her cruising faster.  She also learned to get down this month (yay!), so she now traverses steps up and down.
  • Parrot.  Hazel will do and say whatever we do or say.  She gets out a lot of words this way!  Latest include “purple”, “up”, “ta-ta” (for goodbye) and lots and lots of others.  When I smell something good cooking and say Mmmmmm, it is so fun to have her copy me.
  • Talking!  Yes, she is saying a couple more words.  ‘Water’ is a favorite, and lots of things slip out that I swear are intentional babbles.  In addition, she is taking off with the baby signs.  As mentioned, water is one she can’t get enough of.  Also more, please, milk, up, and all done.
  • Not phased.  We made a 14 hour time change, she was the only one sleeping through the night from day one.  And with a tooth coming in too!  Seriously, who is this child?  I’ll keep her.
  • Yes, a tooth!  Hazel has one tooth!  Unlike Miles, it seems she held it in until we got home from traveling.  Her lower left front tooth is in, and it is sharp.
  • Nom-nom.  Even before brandishing her impressive ivory, Hazel gave up on baby food for the good stuff.  She eats exactly what we are having for dinner (unless its spicy) and downs massive quantities of it.  FOr instance, her breakfast today was 1.5 eggs, a full slice of toast, a slice of papaya, half a banana and a chunk of cantaloupe.  There is not much she rejects, except baby food.  She chugs her water, and has had a few successful attempts with a straw.  Even after her nursing vacation, she is nursing well 5 times a day.
  • Fun, fun, fun.  This is such a fun age.  She is happy and smily.  She loves to play and can be independent for a short time.  Her kisses are the sweetest gift I can imagine.  We love our little baby girl!


Hazel had some very bad luck with her hands on this last trip.  Firstly, not 20 minutes into our long haul flight from Hong Kong to LA, she crawled out from under my legs and into the aisle at the exact moment the beverage cart came through the curtain.  The pinky nail on her left hand was damaged, and she lost it completely a few days later.  She took this one like a trooper, and cried only 20 minutes or so while we swabbed it with antiseptic and applied a bandaid that would last about 3 seconds.  Then, while we were in Oregon, she found her way over to the space heater and rested her right hand on the grate for long enough to inflict the 2nd degree burns seen in the photo above.  Her reaction here was much worse.  She screamed for about 2 hours straight until falling asleep for a very extended nap.  She babied the hand for a few days and the blisters never popped but took a week and a half to slowly lower to scabs.  This one is almost completely healed after two weeks.

We each had a bout of illness on the trip – Tim caught a flu in Mexico that caused him to cancel a climb in Mexico he had been preparing for and anticipating for months.  Miles caught something for a day on Tim’s birthday.  I waited until Oregon for mine and had a midnight episode that had me waking up my sister-in-law doctor for help.

All of these can be attributed to bad luck, Hazel’s certainly was.  Being positive, I am so thankful for our excellent health that makes these minor issues seem troubling.

As you know, there is a ‘man’ for everything.  Including one who will whip out a machete, attach it to a 20 foot pole, pull down some coconuts and open them for consumption should a certain toddler come riding up.

Hi! Coconut-man! (Two old coco’s for trade)

The machete at work.

One more please.

Two to go.

Thanks, coconut-man!

We are sludging through the jetlag, and will hopefully emerge some day soon with lots of updates from our recent home leave trip.

This (early) morning, we went down to the beach.  Miles found a huge shell.  I told him the ocean was inside, and he listened intently for a long while.  Watching him discover this made my morning.

We took full advantage of our time in the states, and made a long weekend stopover in Redmond, Oregon on the way back to Penang to visit Uncle Ethan, Aunt Emma and cousins Calvin & Bliss.  On the final flight there from San Francisco to Redmond, our kids were good as gold, and I realized it was Hazel’s 26th flight.  Wow.

We landed to very cold temperatures and snow!  Miles was transfixed, this being his first time to witness accumulation.  Calvin could not believe this “His first time, EVER?”  It was, and the first thing we did was go out and play:


The sun set around 4pm each day, so lots of fun indoor activities were in order.  We read stories, played with lots of fun toys, and enjoyed some delicious meals.  Here is Aunt Emma whipping up some homemade playdough.  It reminded me of superman ice cream:

Aside from the snow, we enjoyed some outside time at a farm.  What a gorgeous winter day!


We couldn’t leave Oregon without doing a bit of hiking and trying out our new pack.  Smith Rock is located just a few miles from their house, and we had a quick hike into the canyon.  It was gorgeous, and we saw so many climbers making their way up the rock.

From there it was straight to the airport and back to the very different climate of Penang.  We are very thankful to our wonderful hosts, and truly enjoyed our time in Oregon!

One thing we do miss out on in our current apartment is having a full tub.  The kids had a blast every evening (and sometimes at noon too) splashing around in the bath together.  This in itself could be considered vacation!

Yep, I’m doing it…nudy picture of our kids in the tub:

The stars aligned, and Tim celebrated his birthday on a Sunday in Austin while his parents were visiting.  That meant we were able to book in at Fonda San Miguel’s famous brunch, which we had been talking up to Linda for years.  Add in the attendance of some of our best friends in the world, a tres leches candle-holder, a pile of ceviche and a pool of mole, and life is good.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful husband and father. We love you Daddio!

Taking advantage of the always-perfect light in the courtyard for a family shot:

Only one star was out of place, Miles had a 103 fever and was a bit limp through the meal.  He bounced back the next day, no worries.

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