We took full advantage of our time in the states, and made a long weekend stopover in Redmond, Oregon on the way back to Penang to visit Uncle Ethan, Aunt Emma and cousins Calvin & Bliss.  On the final flight there from San Francisco to Redmond, our kids were good as gold, and I realized it was Hazel’s 26th flight.  Wow.

We landed to very cold temperatures and snow!  Miles was transfixed, this being his first time to witness accumulation.  Calvin could not believe this “His first time, EVER?”  It was, and the first thing we did was go out and play:


The sun set around 4pm each day, so lots of fun indoor activities were in order.  We read stories, played with lots of fun toys, and enjoyed some delicious meals.  Here is Aunt Emma whipping up some homemade playdough.  It reminded me of superman ice cream:

Aside from the snow, we enjoyed some outside time at a farm.  What a gorgeous winter day!


We couldn’t leave Oregon without doing a bit of hiking and trying out our new pack.  Smith Rock is located just a few miles from their house, and we had a quick hike into the canyon.  It was gorgeous, and we saw so many climbers making their way up the rock.

From there it was straight to the airport and back to the very different climate of Penang.  We are very thankful to our wonderful hosts, and truly enjoyed our time in Oregon!