Hazel had some very bad luck with her hands on this last trip.  Firstly, not 20 minutes into our long haul flight from Hong Kong to LA, she crawled out from under my legs and into the aisle at the exact moment the beverage cart came through the curtain.  The pinky nail on her left hand was damaged, and she lost it completely a few days later.  She took this one like a trooper, and cried only 20 minutes or so while we swabbed it with antiseptic and applied a bandaid that would last about 3 seconds.  Then, while we were in Oregon, she found her way over to the space heater and rested her right hand on the grate for long enough to inflict the 2nd degree burns seen in the photo above.  Her reaction here was much worse.  She screamed for about 2 hours straight until falling asleep for a very extended nap.  She babied the hand for a few days and the blisters never popped but took a week and a half to slowly lower to scabs.  This one is almost completely healed after two weeks.

We each had a bout of illness on the trip – Tim caught a flu in Mexico that caused him to cancel a climb in Mexico he had been preparing for and anticipating for months.  Miles caught something for a day on Tim’s birthday.  I waited until Oregon for mine and had a midnight episode that had me waking up my sister-in-law doctor for help.

All of these can be attributed to bad luck, Hazel’s certainly was.  Being positive, I am so thankful for our excellent health that makes these minor issues seem troubling.