What a fun, mellow, sweet little girl we have on our hands.  And almost one year already!  Here is her last update before being an official toddler.

  • Moving.  She’s on the move, and also on the stand.  Just a finger’s hold away from walking, I think she is holding out for our anniversary (when Miles too his first steps – Dec 4).  Her crawl is quick, and her cruising faster.  She also learned to get down this month (yay!), so she now traverses steps up and down.
  • Parrot.  Hazel will do and say whatever we do or say.  She gets out a lot of words this way!  Latest include “purple”, “up”, “ta-ta” (for goodbye) and lots and lots of others.  When I smell something good cooking and say Mmmmmm, it is so fun to have her copy me.
  • Talking!  Yes, she is saying a couple more words.  ‘Water’ is a favorite, and lots of things slip out that I swear are intentional babbles.  In addition, she is taking off with the baby signs.  As mentioned, water is one she can’t get enough of.  Also more, please, milk, up, and all done.
  • Not phased.  We made a 14 hour time change, she was the only one sleeping through the night from day one.  And with a tooth coming in too!  Seriously, who is this child?  I’ll keep her.
  • Yes, a tooth!  Hazel has one tooth!  Unlike Miles, it seems she held it in until we got home from traveling.  Her lower left front tooth is in, and it is sharp.
  • Nom-nom.  Even before brandishing her impressive ivory, Hazel gave up on baby food for the good stuff.  She eats exactly what we are having for dinner (unless its spicy) and downs massive quantities of it.  FOr instance, her breakfast today was 1.5 eggs, a full slice of toast, a slice of papaya, half a banana and a chunk of cantaloupe.  There is not much she rejects, except baby food.  She chugs her water, and has had a few successful attempts with a straw.  Even after her nursing vacation, she is nursing well 5 times a day.
  • Fun, fun, fun.  This is such a fun age.  She is happy and smily.  She loves to play and can be independent for a short time.  Her kisses are the sweetest gift I can imagine.  We love our little baby girl!