Since we came home from the states four weeks ago, Miles has been in kind of a state.  Looking back, he probably started this about a week and a half or so before we headed back to Malaysia, but it’s been consistent and troubling.

Miles has always been pretty chill and definitely not the kid to blow up when he is told “no”/has had a toy snatched from him/redirected from something he was enjoying but not supposed to be doing.  As I’ve mentioned before, he was a kid who could easily be talked down off the ledge.  I could have attributed this to his demeanor, or even chalked it up to great parenting, but honestly I think it is because he was extremely well rested.  For the better part of a year, Miles slept solidly 11-12 hours a night and then 2-3 hours for an afternoon nap.  I’d be pretty happy if I got that kind of sleep too.  (Admittedly, I am pretty obsessive about sleep. I lose sleep over sleep.  Should not happen.)


Anyway, the last month or so, Miles has been deficient in sleep.  Not napping, waking up at night, having difficulty going to bed and waking up really early.  He’s tired and on edge; I’m tired and on edge.  Not a winning combination.  Meltdowns on the hour (from one of us at least) makes for very long days.

The two of us were ripe for an outing.  Last Thursday, we got our chance.  Miles was well rested, Hazel was in bed and Suzi was at home.  Miles and I jumped into the car and headed out for a momma date.  Our destination was Monkey Tree cafe at the Tropical Spice Garden, and after picking up a few Christmas gifts from the shop, we sat down for some monkey juice and monkey spotting.  On our way home Miles said, “this is momma and Miles time.”  I think it was just what we needed to reset.

Things are still not perfect, but after Friday’s horrible news from CT, I am trying to put life in perspective.  I have two happy, healthy children that I can give hugs to whenever I want.  Even at midnight when there are scary sounds at night.  Especially.