Today we celebrate the joy of twelve months with our baby girl.  We are definitely in the sweet spot, and it is a true pleasure.


Hazel’s Life:

  • Growing up.  This month marked very few major milestones, but a few tiny ones that add up to a very big change.  Hazel feels so much more grown up now.  She’s not talking, but she’s communicating.  She’s not walking, but she is getting around.  And somehow, without any of the big guns, her personality is blossomed into a very playful, lovable and funny little girl.
  • The sweet spot.  At one, Hazel feels a lot younger than Miles did at this age.  She has little hair, only 2 nubby teeth, and is pretty cuddly. It’s a glorious time when she no longer cries for no reason, but doesn’t have enough reason yet to cry.  Such a happy time for our baby.  I know now why we started thinking about #2 when Miles was this age.  (FYI: With a three year old also to compare to, we are not considering #3 at this time)  So, so fun.
  • Standing on two legs…but not yet walking.  Hazel gets around quickest on her tried and true right-foot-left-knee crawl, but breaks into a bear crawl often to keep her knees clean.  Her stand is solid, she can be plopped down on her feet and hold it, or she can raise up from a squat.  She’s had a few attempts at steps, and even a few consecutive ones if you ask her dad, but nothing to count yet.
  • Climber.  Guess this runs in the family.  Hazel is up and on top of everything!  Give her a set of steps and she is good for the next hour.  She is in and out of the pool.  Up and down the coffee table.  Chillin in the arm chair one minute and on top of the inverted salad spinner the next.
  • Talking.  Hazel really tries here.  She will copy what you ask her to, and it comes out in muffled mumbled syllables.  Still, we can understand ‘caterpillar’ while dad is reading her favorite book.  Her signing is still going strong, but I think she uses “milk” for “momma”.  Guess the two are synonymous anyway.
  • Uh-Oh!  Oh, yeah.  Everything is uh-oh.  This never stops being cute.
  • Eating.  Here is where Hazel really shines.  This girl can put it away!  We went to a restaurant and I ordered something I knew she could eat (grilled fish & mashed potatoes with salad) so we could share.  All I got was the salad.  I knew there would come a day when I would be ordering her adult meals, just not before her first birthday!  It’s impressive.  For the first time this month, she is showing clear preference about what she eats.  Pretty much that means she wants what is on my plate/spoon.  Bread is an all-time favorite, and she likes meat.  She’s off avocados, but finally wizened up and started pounding blueberries.  She’s still nursing, but only a couple times a day and mostly to go to sleep (or allow me to stay in bed in the morning).
  • Sleep.  I finally stopped feeding Hazel at her 5am wake up.  It took only 2 days and probably 5 minutes cumulative of crying and she started sleeping through to at least 6am.  We’re in a good spot right now where there is little danger of her falling asleep when we are out and about.  She naps in the morning and afternoon, but the period between them has stretched so we can actually do lunch!
  • Poop.  I had been having trouble getting Miles to use the toilet before naptime, so I started putting his baby sister on as a motivator.  Well, she started using the potty!  One of her little words is poop, “pfffp”.  We’ve been catching about half of her solids in the pot, which for any cloth diapering mom is pretty nice.  This is definitely “elimination communication” and not potty training.
  • Swimming.  I started an infant swimming thing I read about online, teaching her to get in, get out, float, kick and submerge in the water.  We have so much fun in the pool right now!  Another favorite activity is “froggy jumps” which is bouncing up and down in the pool.  When I ask if she wants to do the jumps, she bounces a bit then high-tails it to the baby pool.
  • And…she loves music and “dances” when she hears some… she is gentle when touching my dangling earrings or following an ant along with her finger… we’ve got a dog lover on our hands, she points and “mwwwfff”s when she sees one, even the strays… She loves birds too, and bugs and fish.