And just like that, our toddler is a little boy.


  • One Husband, Five Wives*.  Or make that 5 whys.  Or 500 whys, in one day.  Miles asks a question after nearly every statement, request or question I pose to him.  At the times this gets a bit monotonous for me, Tim reminds me that this is his job right now.  I am thankful he has added “how”, “who”, “when”, “where”, and “what happened” to the over-used “why”.
  • Polite.  Somehow we managed to raise a boy who says “please”, “thank you”, “excuse me” and “no thank you” without prompting.  What manners!
  • Domestic.  Much like his early days, Miles is very into domestic activities.  Cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, doing laundry and even tidying up are among his favorite activities.  He has really expanded his prowess in the kitchen.  He can locate every kitchen implement and bring them to me.  He uses his recognition of numbers to tell me when to stop on the digital scale and in the measuring cup.  He can crack an egg (not quite separate the whites yet – but he can do it on laundry), use a whisk, turn on the blender, spoon, pour, and of course, taste.  His apron gets a lot of mileage.
  • Clean as a whistle.  I wouldn’t say Miles is OCD about washing his hands, but he is pretty obsessed with it.  His sink features 3 different (green) handsoaps that he mashes into a cocktail of bubbles at each washing up.
  • Nothing missed.  Miles is observant, the kid misses nothing.  This is great when I need to remember something (shopping list), impressive in unlikely scenarios (where is the man who used to sit on the yellow chair in this parking lot we’ve been to twice?), and unfortunate in a not-for-children situation (what happened to the man on the motor bike? why wasn’t he moving? where is the ambulance taking him?).
  • Rider.  The last few months he went from trips around the pool on his tricycle to flying around on his balance bike!  He’s a rocket on that thing, and it is so fun to watch him.
  • Tough Times.  The last 3 months have brought a lot of challenges to us as parents.  Defiance, stubbornness, attachment and wild tantrums have clouded our days.  The hardest thing for me to deal with is the sibling interactions, which at times are “not nice” to say the least.  The wisdom of the crowd seems to say to not take it personally, avoid having a mirror reaction, and enjoy the good times.  We’re trying.
  • Favorites: Color – green. Buddy – Eddie. Food – Chicken, rice & soy sauce. Drink – cold water (finally off the juice!). Movie Characters – Cars. Wailing vehicle – fire engine. Number – THREE!

* Just heard this saying here in Malaysia recently, in the US we say the 5 W’s (and one H).  I love the Malaysian version!