A tiny little person!  And so, so lovable.


  • Walking!  Two weeks into this month, she started.  Just picked up and went, preferred method of travel.  And two weeks later, she’s off.  It’s still a bit of a stumble, but two-legged movement none the less.  The crawling has all but disappeared.
  • Travel.  Did I say on two legs is the preferred method of travel? Make that on three wheels.  This girl loves her push along trike and will go great distances trying to reach the pedals and scooting along.
  • Chowhound.  Have I mentioned that Hazel is a good eater?  She’s a good eater.
  • Delight.  Hazel’s temprament compared to a year ago is pretty night and day.  We used to say she hated life (at least the awake part), but now she seems to love it.  Everything is wonderful: toys, people, food, grains of rice and tiny pebbles in the sand box.  I love the joy she brings to every occasion.
  • Communication.  Hazel has taken a break from talking (no more uh-oh!) and signing for now (except milk/mom – that one goes strong) and has taken to communicating what she wants very clearly through her body language.  Wants to go outside = grabbing my shoes, her hat and pushing the stroller.  Doesn’t want to hold hands = shaking me off.  Hungry = climbs into high chair.  We get the point.
  • A break.  Hazel got a break from Tim, Miles and I this month and spent a blissful week under the unending shower of love from Grandma Linda and Suzi.  It was a welcome break from her tormenter, Miles.  Tim and I were glad to travel without a baby, but of course we missed her terribly.  I took the week off nursing, a pretty abrupt weaning, and ended up with engorgement for the whole time we were away.  She went back to nursing when we returned, but the milk is not where it was and this might be the path to the end.  In all, absence made the heart grow fonder.
  • Trade up.  She is walking, feeding and entertaining herself, and really coming into her own.  But no longer talking, signing, sitting on the potty to poop (back to stinky diapers!), and going along with everything now that she can more firmly express her will.  It will all come together shortly, but for now, I’ll say we’re in a very very good place.