I love this photo.

(Tim will not love that I posted it, it is only a “two star”, although it is a great photo of Grandma Linda.)

Anyway, I think it pretty much hits motherhood on the head.  Or lack there of.  Sometimes, I feel like I am just a body – a holding, cleaning, feeding, cooking, picking-up, lugging, washing, comforting lap.  There are times I miss having adult conversation, or being rested or focused enough to have one when the opportunity arises.  And at times I miss thinking about difficult issues and solving complex technical problems.  Basically, I miss using my noggin.

At the same time, I am pretty proud of that body, my pedestal for an expensive, over-educated brain.  I am proud of the things I can physically do, from carrying 3 bags and 2 bikes while holding 2 hands into the elevator and down to the pool to pushing a double stroller loaded down with one kid and the market’s worth of groceries with the other kid (who got evicted due to tender fruit she would squash) in the Ergo on my back, to market and back before 8am.  And that I can run, and swim and play with ease and without pain.

I think it’s a common mom complaint that our longest word for the day was 3-syllables and we “solved” a complex cycle on the washing machine, but I want to turn it around and be proud of the daily physical accomplishment of a mom.  Just for a minute, before I crash this old bag of bones into bed.

(Also, another apology to Tim for use of this unprocessed photo – I can’t blame you for missing my head, it seems way up there compared to these shrimps I am walking with!)