Introducing…our newest toddler.  A walking, talking person.  Can you imagine!??!


  • Walking, yes.  And climbing and sliding and dancing and even some crazy attempts at running.
  • Talking, too!  Last month’s silence was replaced by a blabbermouth and signing everything.  “UP!” is her clearest articulation (Momma closely follows), but all sorts of syllables come out of her mouth.  My favorite is her word for bread, which looks and sounds like she is gagging on the said subject. Brrlaugh.  Lots of signs too – please, thank you, sleepy, hungry, water, more (using just thumbs – cute!), I love you, hat (see also: glasses), bird, etc.
  • Bookworm.  Hazel’s favorite activity for a while has been to empty the bookshelf.  Now, she spends endles time emptying it one book at a time, taking them down and “reading each one”.  She will grab a book and perch in the story chair and read to herself.  Or babble through a tale.  There are 2 books she can “read” completely.  “Moo, Baa, La La La” and “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see?”.  These she completes through animal sounds.  I should mention her animal sound vocabulary is extensive, from sheep to rhinoceros, with differentiation for large and small dogs.  My favorite is fish.
  • Happiest Toddler on the Block?  Last month she was certainly in contention.  She is still super chill, loves to play independently and is generally happy, but there is a bit of feistiness coming out.  If she wants something, look out.  She’s going to let you know and will make a big fuss until she gets it.  This little window to her personality is telling, it has stubbornness written all over it (where would she get that from?).
  • Eating & Sleeping. Current status is: nursing is still on.  It was touch and go for a couple weeks while I was away, then she refused, then I stopped, then she wanted it.  Anyway, not sure it is a large part of her nutrition any more, but she still goes for 2-3 sessions a day.  She still eats very well (still with only 2 teeth!), but has become a bit more picky and can’t handle it if there is something more appealing on the table (brrrlaugh, for instance).  The sad news in the sleeping front is that Hazel is dropping the morning nap, and currently takes about 20 minutes only in the stroller each morning (forced, to keep her sane through lunch).  With Miles dropping his nap too, this means I end up with no momma time.  Night sleeps are solid 11-12 hours, for which I am very thankful.
  • Activity!  A step above getting lugged around to all of Miles’ activities, Hazel is now participating in her own.  She loves to swim, floating around in a simple little swim ring, singing songs in the water.  Music is such a joy, she loves to “sing”, dance and act out songs (Humpty Dumpty, This Little Piggy), and play instruments.  We are hoping to get some classes going with some baby friends for each of these soon.
  • Nicknames.  Hazel has moved on from the “Bazel” name of yesteryear, and is onto some new names now.  Among them: Little love, Lovely Bones, Hazel-Tale, Hazy Lou, and Baby Thing.  I love it when Miles comes and informs me: “Little Love is awake!”  Speaking of…the time to update is over!