March 2013

Yes folks.  At 15 months.  I, Laurel Stelzer stay-at-home-mom, sent my baby to kindy.  Then enjoyed 2 hours of the trial day to do an incredible amount of running around, swimming and showering.


Now, it wasn’t just for me.  The girl had been begging to go for months, racing to the kindy van with the other children, climbing up into a seat and waving bye-bye to me, crying when I separated her from her brother and took her off to go for walks along the ocean in the stroller, play toys and read books.  So today she got her wish, and the bus pulled away with her in it.

And it was a little for me.  I am starting some training next week that will help me on the path to my second career, and I’ll need a little free time to study and work on projects.  (More on this later).


So, how did it go?  I showed up to the kindy and Hazel was naked.  So were about a third of the kids; they were getting their morning hose-down after fun in the sand.  I peeked the play area, the plastic slides were positioned with massive mudpits at the bottom.  Needless to say, the outfit I had sent her in was soaked and sandy.  She had 2 backups and was soon dried and dressed.  She then spied me and made a beeline to the door of the kindy, not to come with me, but to play toys!  We coaxed her out, got her shoes on (oh! the wonderful shoe rack! She browsed for ages…), and headed home.

She had a happy afternoon and a 3 hour nap.  We’ll try again on Monday.




Uh-Ohhh!  Where’s Hazel?  She’s in the body of this big girl!


  • Shoes.  This girl loves shoes.  From the moment we put them on, she was all smiles and pointing down.  She loves my shoes, dad’s shoes, and especially Miles’ crocs.  She had her first real meltdown over shoes.  She wanted the flower ones that tend to fall off when I wanted the white ones that always stay on.  She cried, pointing down at her feet, and stepped tentatively as though to walk in such ridiculous footwear was painful.  Oh my.
  • Swimmer!  This month Hazel totally took to the water like a fish.  She is content walking around the baby pool independently, floating around in a simple swim ring, splashing and playing with toys.  She has also caught on to jumping from the step (thanks to Miles’ tutelage!) and loves to go under and “swim” to me.  The big slide at the Hard Rock Hotel is another favorite.  Waterbaby!  I thank this guide for her confidence.
  • Converser.  No adults around to talk to? (What?  Doesn’t everyone find themselves in this situation for hours a day?)  Have a talk with Hazel.  It is clear that she understands a vast majority of what we say, and she’s responding in actions, sign language, and more and more words.  Blaaaah! is still a great one (and now the whole family translates Bread to Blaaahhh), today she said lemon and hhkkkkk for “hat”.  Hey, I know what she’s saying.
  • Noooo….  She’s throwing shoe tantrums, and this month also got very very good at saying “no”, long and drawn out, with a furrowed brow and shaking head. Can I mention she is not yet saying “yes”.
  • Eater.  Well, adding two teeth to the pearly set (grand total of 4 now!  At 15 months!) did not slow or enhance the rate at which Hazel puts food down the hatch.  She still likes almost everything and tends to eat vast quantities of it.  People say she will slim down when she starts walking.  Well, she’s basically running and the other day the skin on her legs felt so tight I was worried she was swollen or something.  Nope.  Just chubby.  Must be all the blaaahhh.
  • Little Love.  Hazel is genuinely a lover.  It takes her a while to warm up, but to see her smile when someone in her good graces enters the scene is to know true love.  She will run up, squealing, waving both hands and doing a little stomp footed dance before running up and wedging her head between your knees.  So sweet to be on the receiving end of that greeting.
  • Monkey-see, monkey-do.  (Or monk-monk, as Hazel would say).  What a copy cat!  It’s amazing the things she can imitate, and those she chooses to imitate.  Today it was putting her feet on the table and “counting” her toes: un, un, un…
  • Goodnight, Sweetheart.  Now that the kids are sharing a room, Hazel waits for Miles to be laying down in bed before settling in.  Then she snuggles up with her Pinkie and is off to dreamland for the next 11 hours.  Bliss!

Here’s what 5 under 5 looks like.  Look at all those toes – so cute!

February 2013 (25)Hannah (0), Hazel (1), Axy (2), Miles (3), Joshua (4)

I posted all about preparing for the big race, and you deserve to know how it went.  Well, awesome!  I beat my goal by more than 3 minutes, ran a negative split, and did not get passed by a single person!  Overall, very happy and excited to be running again.

The best part for me was seeing my Saturday running buddy, Indu (#31) complete her first ever running race, meeting her goal as well!  What an achievement! Life is good 🙂

Results here.

A big first on this trip – First time traveling alone with 2 kids!  I took it easy on myself.  We went to Singapore.  Stroller friendly Singapore.  A quick 1 hour flight (more on that later), 30 min taxi, and then a refuge with our good friends who took us in again, Winnie & Tay-Tay.  We had a great time, and will hopefully be back for more soon.  I planned a Tuesday-Friday on a big bet that no one would get ill (That would be a first for a Stelzer-Teigen visit), and to give us a bit more time for the good stuff.

Things were going pretty well getting to the airport, and then they got even better when we boarded the plane.  One of my baby-momma friend’s husband was flying it!  He snatched us into the cockpit as we boarded to show us around, gave us good seats and food & drink (a big deal on a budget airline), then half way through the flight sent for Miles to go help him fly the plane.  Big big highlight for a boy who wants to be a pilot one day.


While in Singapore we also got to meet up with some former-Penang friends.  We had Amber and her fam over for a swim, and later Amber joined Winnie and I for a girls night out.  It was great connecting friends and meeting up in a new place.


Our days were spent not shopping, as would have likely been a city trip for Winnie and I pre-kids, but strolling by the Harbourfront, and going to Sentosa for the aquarium and water park.  There was also plenty of play time with the treasure trove of new toys in Taylor’s room.  We had some good meals and had a few minutes to chat kid free in the evening before we fell asleep, exhausted.

We came home on Friday, squashed into two seats on the back of the plane (Uncle Dean was not flying us that day, unfortunately).  It was great to come home from vacation to a weekend with daddy.  Maybe we’ll even take him along next time.


I’ve been training for my first post-Hazel race, and my longest race ever!  The Malakoff 17km (10.5-ish miles) is on the 17th of March.  I am nervous, but feel well prepared.  I’ve had the help of an in-house trainer (Tim) and the pleasant company of some great running buddies.  One weekly run never changes (except that I now try and push through some big hills at the end of it) – a Tuesday morning run from home to the Botanical Gardens with Hazel in the stroller, then a few loops with a friend or two, followed by an ice blended coconut.  Hazel is a great running buddy, she’s cool with any pace and never causes a fuss.  Wish me luck (of the Irish) on the 17th!

Here we are, after a run (like the coordinating outfits?  It was completely unintentional):


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