We now have two co-ed sleeping arrangements going on in our house.  Hazel made the migration into Miles’ room quite organically, initially out of necessity for a few days when Grandma Linda arrived, and then just stayed on and on and her things slowly began to accumulate on the ‘boy’ side of the Jack-and-Jill bathroom.  Now the computer is back to it’s rightful spot in the “den”, next to a big fern on the changing table (with no diapers), and below some bunting on the curtain rod that spells “HAZEL”.

The kids sleep well together.  Miles, if he naps at all, does so in the stroller in various locations around the house, and Hazel does all her day sleep in their room.  At night, we put her down first but that may be changing soon as she sits up and waits for Miles, protesting occasionally, but laying down as soon as he is in his bed next to her.  They often align their heads toward each other, as though there was some secret-sharing going on before falling asleep.  We go in to look at them before we go to bed, and often they will have the same sleeping pose.  In the morning, Miles wakes first and sneaks out without waking his sister.

The room itself is a funny size and shape.  We sized it for bunk beds and there is not a single wall that could accommodate them.  Two cribs fit in nicely, at right angles to each other, and only block off access to a little corner of the room Miles likes to make into a toy cave.  Miles’ crib is essentially a bed for him, he can get in and out with the gate as low as possible and the mattress as high as possible.  When they are both needing a bed, I’d like to go for a full size futon or mattress on the floor for them to share.  We’ll see.

Sharing a room with my sister(s) growing up was good times and I have fond memories of it.  I’m glad our children are having this experience.  And now we have a guest room again (hint, hint, potential visitors!  Book your flights, we won’t be here forever!)