I’ve been training for my first post-Hazel race, and my longest race ever!  The Malakoff 17km (10.5-ish miles) is on the 17th of March.  I am nervous, but feel well prepared.  I’ve had the help of an in-house trainer (Tim) and the pleasant company of some great running buddies.  One weekly run never changes (except that I now try and push through some big hills at the end of it) – a Tuesday morning run from home to the Botanical Gardens with Hazel in the stroller, then a few loops with a friend or two, followed by an ice blended coconut.  Hazel is a great running buddy, she’s cool with any pace and never causes a fuss.  Wish me luck (of the Irish) on the 17th!

Here we are, after a run (like the coordinating outfits?  It was completely unintentional):