A big first on this trip – First time traveling alone with 2 kids!  I took it easy on myself.  We went to Singapore.  Stroller friendly Singapore.  A quick 1 hour flight (more on that later), 30 min taxi, and then a refuge with our good friends who took us in again, Winnie & Tay-Tay.  We had a great time, and will hopefully be back for more soon.  I planned a Tuesday-Friday on a big bet that no one would get ill (That would be a first for a Stelzer-Teigen visit), and to give us a bit more time for the good stuff.

Things were going pretty well getting to the airport, and then they got even better when we boarded the plane.  One of my baby-momma friend’s husband was flying it!  He snatched us into the cockpit as we boarded to show us around, gave us good seats and food & drink (a big deal on a budget airline), then half way through the flight sent for Miles to go help him fly the plane.  Big big highlight for a boy who wants to be a pilot one day.


While in Singapore we also got to meet up with some former-Penang friends.  We had Amber and her fam over for a swim, and later Amber joined Winnie and I for a girls night out.  It was great connecting friends and meeting up in a new place.


Our days were spent not shopping, as would have likely been a city trip for Winnie and I pre-kids, but strolling by the Harbourfront, and going to Sentosa for the aquarium and water park.  There was also plenty of play time with the treasure trove of new toys in Taylor’s room.  We had some good meals and had a few minutes to chat kid free in the evening before we fell asleep, exhausted.

We came home on Friday, squashed into two seats on the back of the plane (Uncle Dean was not flying us that day, unfortunately).  It was great to come home from vacation to a weekend with daddy.  Maybe we’ll even take him along next time.