Uh-Ohhh!  Where’s Hazel?  She’s in the body of this big girl!


  • Shoes.  This girl loves shoes.  From the moment we put them on, she was all smiles and pointing down.  She loves my shoes, dad’s shoes, and especially Miles’ crocs.  She had her first real meltdown over shoes.  She wanted the flower ones that tend to fall off when I wanted the white ones that always stay on.  She cried, pointing down at her feet, and stepped tentatively as though to walk in such ridiculous footwear was painful.  Oh my.
  • Swimmer!  This month Hazel totally took to the water like a fish.  She is content walking around the baby pool independently, floating around in a simple swim ring, splashing and playing with toys.  She has also caught on to jumping from the step (thanks to Miles’ tutelage!) and loves to go under and “swim” to me.  The big slide at the Hard Rock Hotel is another favorite.  Waterbaby!  I thank this guide for her confidence.
  • Converser.  No adults around to talk to? (What?  Doesn’t everyone find themselves in this situation for hours a day?)  Have a talk with Hazel.  It is clear that she understands a vast majority of what we say, and she’s responding in actions, sign language, and more and more words.  Blaaaah! is still a great one (and now the whole family translates Bread to Blaaahhh), today she said lemon and hhkkkkk for “hat”.  Hey, I know what she’s saying.
  • Noooo….  She’s throwing shoe tantrums, and this month also got very very good at saying “no”, long and drawn out, with a furrowed brow and shaking head. Can I mention she is not yet saying “yes”.
  • Eater.  Well, adding two teeth to the pearly set (grand total of 4 now!  At 15 months!) did not slow or enhance the rate at which Hazel puts food down the hatch.  She still likes almost everything and tends to eat vast quantities of it.  People say she will slim down when she starts walking.  Well, she’s basically running and the other day the skin on her legs felt so tight I was worried she was swollen or something.  Nope.  Just chubby.  Must be all the blaaahhh.
  • Little Love.  Hazel is genuinely a lover.  It takes her a while to warm up, but to see her smile when someone in her good graces enters the scene is to know true love.  She will run up, squealing, waving both hands and doing a little stomp footed dance before running up and wedging her head between your knees.  So sweet to be on the receiving end of that greeting.
  • Monkey-see, monkey-do.  (Or monk-monk, as Hazel would say).  What a copy cat!  It’s amazing the things she can imitate, and those she chooses to imitate.  Today it was putting her feet on the table and “counting” her toes: un, un, un…
  • Goodnight, Sweetheart.  Now that the kids are sharing a room, Hazel waits for Miles to be laying down in bed before settling in.  Then she snuggles up with her Pinkie and is off to dreamland for the next 11 hours.  Bliss!