Yes folks.  At 15 months.  I, Laurel Stelzer stay-at-home-mom, sent my baby to kindy.  Then enjoyed 2 hours of the trial day to do an incredible amount of running around, swimming and showering.


Now, it wasn’t just for me.  The girl had been begging to go for months, racing to the kindy van with the other children, climbing up into a seat and waving bye-bye to me, crying when I separated her from her brother and took her off to go for walks along the ocean in the stroller, play toys and read books.  So today she got her wish, and the bus pulled away with her in it.

And it was a little for me.  I am starting some training next week that will help me on the path to my second career, and I’ll need a little free time to study and work on projects.  (More on this later).


So, how did it go?  I showed up to the kindy and Hazel was naked.  So were about a third of the kids; they were getting their morning hose-down after fun in the sand.  I peeked the play area, the plastic slides were positioned with massive mudpits at the bottom.  Needless to say, the outfit I had sent her in was soaked and sandy.  She had 2 backups and was soon dried and dressed.  She then spied me and made a beeline to the door of the kindy, not to come with me, but to play toys!  We coaxed her out, got her shoes on (oh! the wonderful shoe rack! She browsed for ages…), and headed home.

She had a happy afternoon and a 3 hour nap.  We’ll try again on Monday.