April 2013

Here she comes, Miss Moody-Independent-Clingy-Leavemealone Hazel.  She doesn’t know what she wants, but knows exactly what she wants.  OMG, she’s a WOMAN!


  • Attitude!  Oh man!  Almost over night, she transforms from a sweet little go along girl to a screaming, pulling, cheeky little thing.  Here’s to personality!
  • Funny.  Hazel knows she’s funny, and she hams it up all the time.  She takes it a little too far sometimes, and at those moments I have to keep my smile under wraps…it’s too cute!
  • Talking.  Woah (one of her favorite phrases).  Hazel can say almost anything.  And clearly too.  Tim mistook her for Miles on the phone the other day when she said “Hello, Dada.”  Many words are still pronounced with her tongue fully extended from her mouth, BlahhhH!!! = bread -style. Mama is loud and clear, and often has MANY syllables mamamamamama.  Miles is Mao.  Surprisingly, she can clearly say chocolate cake and avocado.  The rest of us are taking on her accent at times.  Monk-monk for monkey. Papa for papaya.  And of course, BlaaaaHHHH, with a KISS-extended tongue.
  • Sleep.  Hazel is down to only one 2+ hour nap in the afternoon.  Love it!  At night, she goes to sleep with Miles and is up around 6.  It’s a good way to go.
  • Eating.  She got picky!  A little.  Still eating pretty well, but a bit more discerning of what is on the spoon rocketing toward her mouth.  She’d prefer to feed herself (with a spoon/fork).  We had to eliminate all dairy as her eczema was getting nasty again.  Current faves: blueberries, papaya, and … blahh! Also, chocolate cake.
  • Kindy.  Hazel had a month of kindy, and now no more for a while.  In that time she got pretty clingy, and I was missing her too much too.  Still my baby, she was growing up too fast!  We’ll try again in the autumn.
  • Shoes.  Man this little lady loves her shoes.  Another area where she is very particular.  I took her shoe shopping and she found lots of gorgeous footwear options.  As I had the wallet, we did not go with her choice (red, patent leather  bow-fronted heels) but my much more conservative choice of Natives.
  • Music. We did start a music class, and she loves to dance and play the instruments!
  • Swimming.  Hazel loves the water and is pretty fearless to dive in.  Luckily, she got used to wearing floaties (water wings) and is now bobbing along with Miles.

Angel, does the above picture remind you of a certain sibling game we used to play?  This one is called “Hazel does all the work”.

Also, could not help but include the below photo.  What a badass!



Our baby man is now a kiddo!  Love this little guy.


  • What’cha doin’?  This is the favorite question of the past few months.  It is followed often by “why?”, “How” and about 30 seconds later with another “what’cha doin’?”.  Inquisitive children are intelligent, right?
  • The shoe is on the other foot.  After months of putting his shoed on backwards (intentionally – “I like it like that”), Miles is finally putting his shoes on the right feet.
  • Career aspirations.  Miles would like to be a pilot when he grows up.  Or a fire man, scuba diver, construction worker or a boat man.  How to get there?  Through your stomach.  The foods necessary to reach these professions, respectively: carrots & flower vegetables (for eyesight); anything red (tomatoes, cherries, red bell peppers, apples); seafood; beans (don’t ask why); and more fish.  Also sleeping through the night.  That helps too.
  • Sleep.  Ugh.  People warned that 3 yr old sleep was the worst.  Well, so far yes.  Struggles with to nap or not to nap lead to early or very late nights, which are often punctuated around 5:30am (with hopefully only a comma then heading back to bed).  It’s a struggle.  At least the baby is sleeping through.
  • Diaper free!  No more diapers at night!  Which is likely leading to the wakeups.  This effort was totally Miles-initiated (we required he stay dry in diapers for 7 nights before making the switch, and he was gung ho), but has been only partially successful.  Thinking we need a bit of regression to get through for a while.  But I certainly applaud the effort he’s made!
  • Music.  We’re back to music class and Miles is showing the most exciting progression.  Just last week he played an instrument and sang a song – independently – in front of the class.  Sweetest thing ever.
  • Sister Love.  It is very obvious that Miles loves his sister, he wants her around, wants her to come to kindy and wants her to be happy.  But sometimes love hurts, and it’s finally coming back his way.  They have frequent power struggles over things, toys mostly, but the love is still there.
  • Wash Hands.  Miles washes his hands at every opportunity, with as many soaps as are available at the moment.  I never thought I would say “it’s not time for washing hands now”.

Three seems like a rough age.  I’m hoping we come through it relatively unscathed.

P.S. This is my 400th post.  Wow!

Here are some shots from last Thursday morning.  For those of you who don’t get to regularly experience the hours between 7-8am with two monkeys and a cake-baking-crazy-momma.

Good morning Pinky! (The 3rd monkey):



Let’s bake a cake… (I had to make these shots small so you would not recognize the MASSIVE quantity of dirty dishes and misplaced appliances on the counter)

And wash hands.  Miles is only helping Hazel because she was in a 4-day phase of thinking handsoap was shampoo and smearing it all over her head.

Ha.  Haha.  Hahahaha. Not funny.

Here’s another installment of my take on motherhood.

My life seems to have a theme around 2 of 3, as in only 2 things fall into place when there needs to be another piece.  Today I had a fridge full of fruit, 2 one-liter jars of homemade granola, and a spent yogurt supply.  I’ll have my waxing done, threading done, and Miles will discover the beard growing from my lower limbs.  Breakfast and dinner will be well planned and balanced, and lunch will consist of almost-off fridge dwellers and a microwaved ear of corn.  I won’t even mention family photographs, you can see for yourself of last Christmas’s photo shoot (Tim is a constant, it’s the other three of us as variables in this equation):

And then there’s the children.  I have a theory that only two of the following can exist at any one time: sleep excellence, fantastic feeding, and good attitude.  Since mine tend to be great eaters, it’s often one of the others that could be modified to help me maintain sanity.  I’d hate to see how this would manifest in a third child.  (Please don’t read into that too much.  There are no plans.)

Anyway, I think I am pretty ok with a life of 66.666%.  Better than average is good in my book.  And this is what gets me through.

Hazel went to kindy just one day and she already picked up something horrible!  Actually, this fluey-cold was a hand-me-down from Miles, he was unwell last Thursday and by Saturday it was clear Hazel was not to be spared.  So she spent the morning at home, napping on the couch while I did day one of Karen’s Virtual Bootcamp.  Even sick sleepers are precious:


Then, while Hazel slept the afternoon away, Miles and I played a new game.  He wanted “that green one on the top shelf you and Daddio play” and turns out Scrabble is a great way to practice letters AND numbers (well, 1-5, 8 & 10).  We spelled all sorts of stuff, and Hazel woke up before we were done.  I will certainly be bringing down this forbidden-fruit adults-only game again when Miles begs for it.