Hazel went to kindy just one day and she already picked up something horrible!  Actually, this fluey-cold was a hand-me-down from Miles, he was unwell last Thursday and by Saturday it was clear Hazel was not to be spared.  So she spent the morning at home, napping on the couch while I did day one of Karen’s Virtual Bootcamp.  Even sick sleepers are precious:


Then, while Hazel slept the afternoon away, Miles and I played a new game.  He wanted “that green one on the top shelf you and Daddio play” and turns out Scrabble is a great way to practice letters AND numbers (well, 1-5, 8 & 10).  We spelled all sorts of stuff, and Hazel woke up before we were done.  I will certainly be bringing down this forbidden-fruit adults-only game again when Miles begs for it.