Here’s another installment of my take on motherhood.

My life seems to have a theme around 2 of 3, as in only 2 things fall into place when there needs to be another piece.  Today I had a fridge full of fruit, 2 one-liter jars of homemade granola, and a spent yogurt supply.  I’ll have my waxing done, threading done, and Miles will discover the beard growing from my lower limbs.  Breakfast and dinner will be well planned and balanced, and lunch will consist of almost-off fridge dwellers and a microwaved ear of corn.  I won’t even mention family photographs, you can see for yourself of last Christmas’s photo shoot (Tim is a constant, it’s the other three of us as variables in this equation):

And then there’s the children.  I have a theory that only two of the following can exist at any one time: sleep excellence, fantastic feeding, and good attitude.  Since mine tend to be great eaters, it’s often one of the others that could be modified to help me maintain sanity.  I’d hate to see how this would manifest in a third child.  (Please don’t read into that too much.  There are no plans.)

Anyway, I think I am pretty ok with a life of 66.666%.  Better than average is good in my book.  And this is what gets me through.