Our baby man is now a kiddo!  Love this little guy.


  • What’cha doin’?  This is the favorite question of the past few months.  It is followed often by “why?”, “How” and about 30 seconds later with another “what’cha doin’?”.  Inquisitive children are intelligent, right?
  • The shoe is on the other foot.  After months of putting his shoed on backwards (intentionally – “I like it like that”), Miles is finally putting his shoes on the right feet.
  • Career aspirations.  Miles would like to be a pilot when he grows up.  Or a fire man, scuba diver, construction worker or a boat man.  How to get there?  Through your stomach.  The foods necessary to reach these professions, respectively: carrots & flower vegetables (for eyesight); anything red (tomatoes, cherries, red bell peppers, apples); seafood; beans (don’t ask why); and more fish.  Also sleeping through the night.  That helps too.
  • Sleep.  Ugh.  People warned that 3 yr old sleep was the worst.  Well, so far yes.  Struggles with to nap or not to nap lead to early or very late nights, which are often punctuated around 5:30am (with hopefully only a comma then heading back to bed).  It’s a struggle.  At least the baby is sleeping through.
  • Diaper free!  No more diapers at night!  Which is likely leading to the wakeups.  This effort was totally Miles-initiated (we required he stay dry in diapers for 7 nights before making the switch, and he was gung ho), but has been only partially successful.  Thinking we need a bit of regression to get through for a while.  But I certainly applaud the effort he’s made!
  • Music.  We’re back to music class and Miles is showing the most exciting progression.  Just last week he played an instrument and sang a song – independently – in front of the class.  Sweetest thing ever.
  • Sister Love.  It is very obvious that Miles loves his sister, he wants her around, wants her to come to kindy and wants her to be happy.  But sometimes love hurts, and it’s finally coming back his way.  They have frequent power struggles over things, toys mostly, but the love is still there.
  • Wash Hands.  Miles washes his hands at every opportunity, with as many soaps as are available at the moment.  I never thought I would say “it’s not time for washing hands now”.

Three seems like a rough age.  I’m hoping we come through it relatively unscathed.

P.S. This is my 400th post.  Wow!