Here she comes, Miss Moody-Independent-Clingy-Leavemealone Hazel.  She doesn’t know what she wants, but knows exactly what she wants.  OMG, she’s a WOMAN!


  • Attitude!  Oh man!  Almost over night, she transforms from a sweet little go along girl to a screaming, pulling, cheeky little thing.  Here’s to personality!
  • Funny.  Hazel knows she’s funny, and she hams it up all the time.  She takes it a little too far sometimes, and at those moments I have to keep my smile under wraps…it’s too cute!
  • Talking.  Woah (one of her favorite phrases).  Hazel can say almost anything.  And clearly too.  Tim mistook her for Miles on the phone the other day when she said “Hello, Dada.”  Many words are still pronounced with her tongue fully extended from her mouth, BlahhhH!!! = bread -style. Mama is loud and clear, and often has MANY syllables mamamamamama.  Miles is Mao.  Surprisingly, she can clearly say chocolate cake and avocado.  The rest of us are taking on her accent at times.  Monk-monk for monkey. Papa for papaya.  And of course, BlaaaaHHHH, with a KISS-extended tongue.
  • Sleep.  Hazel is down to only one 2+ hour nap in the afternoon.  Love it!  At night, she goes to sleep with Miles and is up around 6.  It’s a good way to go.
  • Eating.  She got picky!  A little.  Still eating pretty well, but a bit more discerning of what is on the spoon rocketing toward her mouth.  She’d prefer to feed herself (with a spoon/fork).  We had to eliminate all dairy as her eczema was getting nasty again.  Current faves: blueberries, papaya, and … blahh! Also, chocolate cake.
  • Kindy.  Hazel had a month of kindy, and now no more for a while.  In that time she got pretty clingy, and I was missing her too much too.  Still my baby, she was growing up too fast!  We’ll try again in the autumn.
  • Shoes.  Man this little lady loves her shoes.  Another area where she is very particular.  I took her shoe shopping and she found lots of gorgeous footwear options.  As I had the wallet, we did not go with her choice (red, patent leather  bow-fronted heels) but my much more conservative choice of Natives.
  • Music. We did start a music class, and she loves to dance and play the instruments!
  • Swimming.  Hazel loves the water and is pretty fearless to dive in.  Luckily, she got used to wearing floaties (water wings) and is now bobbing along with Miles.

Angel, does the above picture remind you of a certain sibling game we used to play?  This one is called “Hazel does all the work”.

Also, could not help but include the below photo.  What a badass!