This month’s birthday slipped by me and now I am saying she is “one and a half”.  Time, flying!


  • Two, purple.  Hazel is learning to count, and her colors!  When asked “how many” the answer is “two”, and asking her to name the color will guaranteed give “purple” for the answer.  Good thing this is true about her shoes.  It probably started from her shoes.  She LOVES shoes.
  • Whole sentences!  The girl is talking.  Monologues, replies, you name it, she’s saying it.  Recently, Grandma Linda said, “I hear momma!”  Her reply: “I do too!”
  • Singing.  We’ve started music classes and the child is into it.  Each night before bed, we sing and she can independently get through “bee, bee, bumble bee, can you sing your name to me” (the last verse is a bit mumbled), then follow with everyone’s name in song.  Fun!
  • Movin’.  She is on the move – running, jumping (attempts), swimming (well, jumping in and frog kicking), dancing, twirling, rolling, carrying, crawling and climbing.
  • Slimming down.  Look at her walk away and you’ll swear she’s downright lanky!  Hazel has definitely stretched this month, but still maintains the rubber-band tan lines around her ankles.  And the belly.  That may be here to stay for a while.  She’s got six teeth and a little more hair.
  • Eating.  After her last round of eczema, Hazel is now completely dairy free.  I’ve learned to make soy yogurt and look for other ideas on how to fill in the blanks. For the most part it’s been OK, and I think living in Asia helps a lot.  Her skin has been totally clear.  She is still nursing once-3x a day and can very clearly pronounce “milk.”
  • So much fun.  What a fun age!!!  Was Miles this much fun? So funny and active and copying and just a pleasure to be around?  I realized I wouldn’t have noticed, as I spent these months deep in morning sickness.  I’m enjoying getting to enjoy her.