What?  Singapore AGAIN?  I know.  On the way out I ran into someone I knew in the airport and she had the same reaction, do we live there? This time we went to show Grandma Linda around and also to escape the incessant drilling and jackhammering going on in the unit above us.  It was a bit of a different trip, we stayed in a hotel and I definitely felt like more of a tourist.


Our travels got off to a rough start.  Aside from the fact that we didn’t know the captain piloting the plane (rough for Miles to be denied cockpit access during flight), the double stroller came out of the hold a little bit wonky.  It wouldn’t open up properly and would not work for 4 days on the streets and public transport.  I finally got it snapped up and then avoided collapsing it for the rest of our stay.  Then we headed to the hotel we had booked.  There were several issues with the room, and our decision to leave and seek another place to stay was made clearly when we found the floor above us was under renovation.  Just what we were escaping!  A few hours (and some great negotiating by Grandma Linda!) later, we were settled into the Novotel at Clarke Quay, and it ended up being a great home base for us.  Our pool view room looked out onto more renovation (inescapable!), but turned out to be better than the 500-channel cable for a 3-yr-old boy.

Clarke Quay is located on the Singapore River and is a bar and restaurant hub.  First order of business was to get some good, real beer at Brewerks, a brewery I had been meaning to get to for a few trips.  Winnie and Taylor met us there and we followed drinks on the water with delicious chili crab dinner at Jumbo’s.  The next day we made it to Orchard Rd, and Grandma watched my two at a play area inside a mall while Winnie, Tay and I got a few hours of shopping at H&M.  We did lunch then headed back for a nap before meeting up with our friends who moved from Penang last year, Amber, Ory & Jack, for a swim and dinner.  Their Club St condo was walking distance through Chinatown and I really felt like what it would be to live there, moving around at rush hour.


We planned for a kids’ water park the next day, but woke up to socked in rain so changed plans and headed to Marina Bay Sands via boat taxi.  We went to the lego exhibit at the museum, took a cloudy cool(ish) walk through the impressive Gardens by the Bay, had ice cream and finally headed back to Clarke Quay for good beer and Mexican food.  A real treat for me, and Penang is lacking these two things.


On our last morning, I took the kids for a walking tour of Singapore.  I reveled in the wide, smooth sidewalks, ramps and crossing lights.  We saw much of the colonial district, then headed back on a side road to the hotel.  We happened upon a fire station, which happened to be a FREE fire museum.  How perfect!  We spent some time there checking out the engines and exhibits, got a souvenir, then headed back for our taxi to the airport.  It was time to go home.

Not sure when I’ll be back to Singas, two trips in two months is a lot.  But who knows, maybe Tim and I will go there next – alone!