It’s started already.  The girl loves ponies.  Horses, unicorns, you name it, she’s fascinated.  At the Gili Islands, she learned to say “huiss” and sat fascinated while we bumped along in a cart behind one.  She loves her pony jammies (from Emmy) and got her first My Little Pony.  Her favorite song is “riding on a pony, pony, pony. Riding on a pony, here we go”, at which point the pony bucks her off in every direction possible to squeals of laughter.  She rode this teak animal (KISS tongue and all, do you love it?) atop Penang Hill the other weekend.

I was the same, but never rode a real animal until age 26, and it was the tamest one at that due to my fear of the live beasts.  Still, there’s something about a girl and her horses.