Another month, and a BIG number here.  One-and-a-HALF.


  • Hazel’s Turn.  Hazel loves to take turns.  She’ll gladly pass her cup back and forth between herself and her baby doll, give you a bite of what is on her plate, or hand out a toy she is playing with – as long as it’s your turn, that is.
  • Brother Love.  “Mao!” Hazel shouted when he and I entered the house after being out all day.  She missed me too, but not as much as Miles.  They are fighting less now too.  Secretly, I think he loves her too.
  • Counting & colors.  There are still “two” (and likely they are purple) of everything, but she can count 1, 2, 3 and even finish a scale up to 8, reaching the high notes like a soprano.  She does know her colors too.  Shapes are coming: star and moon are the easiest now.
  • Food.  She’s still a good eater, when she chooses to be one.  Forbidden (dairy) foods are the most appealing, she covets cheese and yo-yo (yogurt) on everyone’s plate.  Maybe once we are in the land of fake dairy products again, it will be easier.
  • Diaper-free week.  Hazel spent one week out of diapers, telling us pee-pee and having surprisingly little accidents.  I knew it was too good to be true, she’s back in pull-ups this week.  Baby steps.
  • Copycat.  Hazel will do EVERYTHING Miles does, which means she is already trying to ride a bike and will jump into the pool from the side.  She will take a bite of broccoli or a long drink of water, as long as Mao is doing it.  He tells her: Go to sleep, Hazel.  No cry.  And she does.  This, friends, is why to get it right the first time.
  • Temperament.  For the most part, Hazel is a fun-loving, easy going, joyful little girl.  She still delights in life and doesn’t let little things get to her.  However, if she has set her mind to something, it WILL happen, or a storm will quickly gather behind her big blues and she will protest until something gives.  Most often it is not she who wields.