For the Third time* since we’ve had kids, Tim and I got away for a few days alone.  This time we took a quick flight up to the island of Langkawi (another return location!).  We took full advantage of our 48 kid-free hours by staying in a gorgeous restored heritage home at Temple Tree Resort:

Eating breakfast on our patio after the sun came up (parents with early risers, you’ll appreciate the day-lit breakfast table):


No carseats would fit on our transportation for the weekend, although locals may argue a few kids could certainly squeeze on:


We hiked to a waterfall with a perfectly clear freshwater pond at it’s base.  For us islanders, cold fresh water beats the ocean any day!


And actually managed to get a photo of the two of us together! We didn’t actually take a helicopter ride, just took the pic to impress Miles.


* We are really lucky to have had competent and responsible baby-sitting from both sets of grandparents.  Thank you Grandma Linda for letting us sneak away this time and taking on a 1:2 ratio – you rocked it!