“Three and a HALF!”  Miles will tell you if you ask his age.  No less.


  • Miles-isms.  Words that make Miles’ speech his own: “Cannot Know” if he doesn’t know, “Not my Favorite” for something he doesn’t like,”How many? So many! Like Ten-Nine-Twelve” for a lot, “You cannot believe this!” if something really really special is coming up next.
  • Growing boy.  Miles finally hit the c-note: 100cm tall (That’s 3’3″) and he’s 15.5kg (34lbs).  He’s got a long torso and small lower body to the feet, which are Stelzer-bricks.  He wears size 5T top and mostly 2T bottoms.  Swimmer?
  • Swimmer!  Miles is now comfortable in the baby pool without his floats, and will don goggles and “scuba dive” for fish (plastic animals) on the bottom of the pool.  He’s swimming, but doesn’t know it yet.
  • Chinese.  Miles has shown more interest learning Mandarin lately (probably because he wants in on the secret when Tim and I use it to hide things from him), and has an impressive vehicle vocabulary.  Crane, digger, truck, bus, cruise ship, airplane…he’s got them all down.
  • Growing up.  The last 3 months have seen a massive transformation from baby-hood into kid-dom.  Miles takes himself to the toilet, feeds himself, tidies up after himself, takes no naps, and takes really good care of his momma.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember he’s still just a little guy!  And sometimes it’s impossible to forget.
  • Fears.  There are a lot of scary things out there: leaf blowers, fogging machines (for mosquitoes), chainsaws, jack hammers and most everything that makes a lot of noise.  I don’t blame him, these things are not my favorite either.
  • Builder.  Miles spends a considerable amount of his time building, fixing, and constructing from various materials, mostly legos.  He’s doing a bit of art work, and loves painting with watercolors.  There’s just not enough hours in the day to do all the fun stuff there is to do.
  • Favorites.  Color = blue.  Food = sausage.  Vegetable = “flower vegetables”, which are some sprouting broccoli type green we get from the market. Fruit = mango, but any berry a very close second.  Vehicle = up-down (mobile crane).  Sister = open to application (but Hazel will do for now).