This little lovely lady brings joy to our days with a touch of sass.  Sometimes a lot of sass, but the hugs make up for it.


  • Parrot. Hazel is famous for picking a phrase and repeating it over and over, I suppose it’s her way to learn.  Recently: “chicken-man, chicken-man” as we drove past Song River, “baby girl, baby girl” as she threw paper into the toilet, and “good girl, good girl” as she did something that was not so good.
  • Key, Buttons and Toppers.  These are the things that excite Hazel the most these days.  Topper on.  Oh yeah.  Key to the DVD cabinet.  And buttons, buttons everywhere!
  • 2 > 1.  I constantly ask Hazel “how many”, just to hear her obvious answer “Twooooo”.  Well, the other day as I was divvying up the cookies, I asked her how many for momma.  Her brow furrowed, and she answered “Unnn”.  Can you guess the answer for “how many for Hazel?”
  • No more milk.  Hazel is officially weaned, which was a long drawn out process that ended in two stories and a song before naptime instead of boobies.  Now she’s a soy milk only kinda gal.
  • Jump!  This month was all about perfecting her jump, she practices from every available surface.  The best are the launches off the side of the pool: full squat, arms back, head up and GO!
  • Only Dada.  Hazel likes to remind us who can do what. Touch the stove? Only momma.  Give a powerwash bath?  Only dada.  Eat vegetables?  Only Mao (Miles).
  • Big, giant, tight hugs.  We’ve reached the age where she has moments of little resistance, where she will give me a tight tight hug and then lay her head on my chest.  These are the best moments ever.