Hazel spent this month on the road, touring the U.S. of A., so many updates should be considered in the shadow of a 30-ton 777.


  • Jet-setter.  This was Hazel’s 6th time crossing the Pacific.  I realized she will only hit the even-number mark when in the East, so she’ll always remember Asia as her “home”.  At least until she loses count, which may happen pretty quickly
  • Mantras.  Hazel’s habit of repeating a choice phrase really took off this month. We heard hours of “I want momma carry”, “no big airplane, only little airplane”, “all done airplane”, and “no sleeping, all done sleeping”.  I’m sure she’s just practicing talking.
  • Mind: Set.  When the girl knows what she wants, she knows what she wants!  You can try to force her to do something, but nothing beats the smooth release of convincing her it was her idea to do that desired act.
  • Keepin’ up with the Big Kids.  Hazel works hard to keep up with Miles and his buddies and does a pretty impressive job of doing so, but she is totally that little sibling that gets the last turn down the slide.  She has however been loving the motherly attention of the 4-6 yr old girls, who will take her hand and play ever so patiently and gently with her.
  • Color Kid.  Hazel has nailed her colors, and also knows what everyone’s favorite is.  Anything that is “dark blue” is for Miles, and her favorite of the month was green (geeeen, as she would say).
  • Teeth!  After an impressive mouth opening for the dentist this month, Hazel sprouted a couple of molars while we visited my parents in Michigan (the same teeth Miles got on his August trip to MI 2 yrs ago!).
  • And Hair!!  Finally Hazel has graced her crown with a bit more than peach fuzz.  It’s gorgeous, and she looks just like a mini-Miles now from on top.