Two weeks to prepare, 3.5 weeks away and 2 weeks to recover – I think we’re finally back to normal!  We hit six spots on this trip, and saw virtually all our living relatives with the exception of Aunt May (we did fly through CA, does that count for anything?).  Here’s the summary (with photos) of our trip:

1. Austin.  We started this trip home by really going home, except that now have no home, so by home I mean a cute garage apartment in our old neighborhood.  It was a great location, and we spent the week at the pool, catching up with friends (we miss you!), and realizing that Texas is a pretty good place to be. (Wheels are turning regarding our eventual move home, we didn’t even mind the heat!).  I spent a bit more time than I would have liked at the Children’s hospital being assured that ours are totally healthy, but at least it kept me out of Target – we made the whole trip one ONE suitcase!

2. New Braunfels.  Nice thing about being in Austin, close to the Wilemans!  We had a blast when A&C visited us in Austin, then even more fun when we made it down to NB to visit them.  We explored a cave, enjoyed some yummy food and drink, had a swim in the river and had fun playing with the puppies.  Would be so nice to be a 45 min drive to family…

3. Up North, Michigan.  The kids and I went first, and got to experience some seriously frigid August temps (40!) in MI.  Miles spent his time following Grandpa Bob and his tools around like a puppy, while Hazel got to know puppy Jake.  I got in some good runs on sand paths and enjoyed resuming my role as family chef.  Tim joined us and brought a bit of heat, just enough to make it fun to jetski and boat!  The kids loved the boats, Hazel especially the green paddle boat.  They both went tubing and jetskiing.  We had a mini-family reunion with a whole bunch-a Bolhouses, it was great to see so many little bent blond heads playing together.  We were out of internet range for 8 days – heaven!

4. Detroit (and surrounding suburbs).  We drove down to Detroit via Ann Arbor and got to catch up with a great friend for a BBQ.  The next morning met up with Grandma Ruth and got to do a bit of shopping with mom (Grandma got to spoil Miles with some Legos!) before heading to Miles’ trip highlight: a fire-station visit with Uncle Eric!  We took a day to explore Detroit, there were pockets of gentrification, we even saw a hipster riding around his kid and a bunch of bee hives down Gratiot Ave, but that city has a long way to come.

5. New York, New York.  Onto New York and the Stelzer chapter of the tour!  What a blast!  We went to Central Park, the Met, a Yankees game and all the while caught up with our family in a cute Washington Sq hotel.  Tim and I got out one morning to run Brooklyn Bridge and we got out one evening for some Little Italy cuisine.  That city is amazing!

6. Newburgh, NY – a.k.a. TJ & Meghan’s wedding!  A 1.5 hour drive landed us in Newburgh, where we met up with even more Stelzers for a weekend of fun for the much anticipated wedding of Meghan and TJ!  This was the most beautiful wedding I had ever seen, so many little details adding up to a gorgeous experience, and with the most perfect weather one could imagine.  H&M were in the wedding, and looked stunning in their wedding dress and Miles danced till he dropped at the reception.  The party continued at Meghan’s mom’s, and we loved meeting that big Irish family.