Here she goes, growing up and cruising like a boss on her new wheels.


What our little baby-love is doing these days:

  • 1, 2, 3, 4…8!!! This is part counting for real and part recitation of the scale from music class.  I always heard math and musical minds go together, this proves it.
  • Follow the Leader.  Hazel officially does everything Miles does.  My life just got a lot easier.  I only need to organize one activity, one snack, and convince Miles to do it and she is right behind.
  • Greeny-Bean!  The girl is color obsessed, and especially when the color is green.
  • Nack-Nack.  That’s the sound a duck makes, it’s her favorite animal.  Imagine a green duck.  Mind. Blown.
  • Aum, Aum, Aum.  This is what Hazel says when she wants to eat, which is often.  Favorite foods?  Fish balls, chips (french fries), bananas with peanut butter, grapes, avocado, crackers, yogurt (we’re trying dairy again – this time with no ill effects!), rice, noodles, chicken and shake-shake (smoothies that I put all the good stuff that is not on this list into. Spinach-cucumber-tomato-banana, anyone?)
  • TALLLL.  This month, Hazel’s legs seem to have stretched 2 inches!  All her dresses are too short, but the shirts still fit.  She is a normally proportioned little girl.
  • And…Tooth count is at 11 (molar time!), the girl is obsessed with boats (especially of the green paddle variety), she has short but thick hair coming in with a bit of curl, you can expect conversations with her to be punctuated by a loud “HAY!” as she announces her presence/preference, and she gives the best cuddles – hands down.  Love!