This is the last “baby” update for Miles.  I suppose someday I will compile these monthly updates and make a baby book of them.  Once I finish our wedding album that is.  In the meantime, our baby is a real boy now (thanks for the tips, Pinocchio!).  Check it out:


  • Word Play.  The English language  fascinates and stumps Miles at times.  Recent favorites: “If traffic is tight, when will it loosen up?”; trying to figure out what role the plant bamboo has in getting bamboozled; “If I eat these mussels for dinner, will I get really strong?”.  I need to write them all down, classics.
  • Natural Vegetarian.  Upon realizing the food on the table was once alive and roaming/swimming, Miles worries about the state of the families of these animals, and (rightly in the case of seafood) that we made sure to leave some behind to continue the population.  It seems OK if we eat “grandpas” though.  Look out, Bob & Wally!
  • Independence.  Miles can dress himself, use the toilet (wipe, flush & wash hands!), put on his shoes and tidy up.  By independence, I am talking more about mine!  It’s wonderful.
  • Role Model.  Miles makes sure he shows Hazel the right behavior and lets her know what is the right way to act.  However, he is quick to point out her faults and so enjoys the aftermath that he has been known to whisper the bad behavior into Hazel’s ear to try to get her in trouble.  Oh, brothers.
  • Fire Fighting.  This boy loves his rescue.  Our days are full of fire-engine, -helicopter, -boat and -fighter play, and at night he dons his fire engine jams.  Guess what he’s going as for Halloween?
  • Sensitive fellow.  Almost anything precious can set Miles off, and we have to be careful to explain sensitive situations.  A small looking animal without a mother at his side, anything less than a tooth-baring grin on a cartoon figure, and almost all our bedtime stories have the potential to send his chin quivering and tears running.  For now, we’re calling this high EQ.
  • Palate.  Miles will now eat just about anything, and lately massive quanities of it.  He is OK with raw onions and even chilis, ingredients he previously stated would wait until he’s 4.  I love a kid who can enjoy a nice salad!

It is such a joy to watch and interact with Miles as he grows.  He is truly an interesting person and has a great heart.  So very proud to have him as my big boy!