This month was all about the verbal skills.  We’ve got a little chatterbox on our hands!


  • Talking in Paragraphs.  About a week into her 22nd month, Hazel abandoned her several words strung together sentences and started talking in paragraphs.  Spend a few minutes with her, and you’ll understand why we call her ‘chatterbox’.
  • Communicating is exciting.  Hazel gets super excited when she’s talking to you, talking becomes a full body event.  She’s stamping or waving her hands in the hair and her eyes are always HUGE.  It’s exciting talking to her!
  • Why?  Oh, yeah.  The why-phase has begun!  It’s long, drawn-out and nasal: Whyyyyyy??  This part, not so exciting, but I still like to answer anyway.
  • Hay!  She’s still all about calling herself Hay, even though she knows (and can clearly pronounce) her full name.  Given that she is still not so into pronouns, a recount about what happened might go like this: “Hay go sleeping with Hay’s baby pinkie and Hay’s blanket in Hay’s bed.”
  • Reflections.  Hazel knows where the mirror is, and how to use it.  What she discovered this month is there are reflections of herself in every shiny surface.  As we were getting into the car, she exclaimed: “A little picture of Hay!”
  • Big Girl.  Hazel’s weighing in at 12.5kg (27lbs) and is getting long and lean.  Thanks to some very generous big sisters (my friends’ girls), she is always extremely well dressed (see above).  The hair is coming, wisp by wisp, but we’ve been at a standstill with 11 teeth for months.
  • Chinese!  Tim has been reading Chinese stories to the kids at bedtime and Hazel is picking it up pretty well.  She can count to 10, get through a lot of the foods and vehicles and has perfect pronunciation.  In January, she will start a Chinese-immersion preschool with Miles.  Let the fun begin!