A bit late, but here’s the wrap up from our Halloween Party!  We had 15 kids under 6 in costumes parade around the pool and do a quick Trick or Treat loop after.  So fun!

Miles and Hazel both picked their costumes this year.  Hazel was steadfast and sure: Hay Mouse.  Miles waffled, then balked at my design for him to be an “up-down” (mobile crane) and settled on this purchased fireman suit.  I was in the back as Cinderella.






Of course, the best part – sorting the loot!


And my personal indulgence.  I had been thinking about doing a tropical fruit jack’o’lantern for years (since the year Miles went as a nasi lemak).  Finally realized!  I did the Scream papaya and the white melon.  It is SO much easier to carve than traditional pumpkin!