And fast on the heels of Miles’ last toddler post, Hazel’s last baby post.  They are growing up fast!

  • Do it Hays-self!  Hazel is way into DIY (or DIMyself).  For the most part, I am glad for her independence – putting on her shoes (and swapping them when they go on the wrong foot), attempts at dressing, picking out her clothes, feeding herself, climbing into her carseat – all of these things are very helpful.  Also a help in developing my patience.  We’re working on it!
  • Stubborn.  The little lady can be pretty bull-headed.  Don’t get me wrong, most of the time she is very go with the flow, but when she wants something bad, she will let you know what and how she wants it!  Again, good and bad for the flow of our family life, but I am proud of her for having an opinion.
  • No diapers.  One good thing about the stubborn times, Hazel decided a few weeks back she wanted no diapers, and a few fun size bags of M&Ms later, she was potty trained!  I’m loving watching that cute little butt in her teeny panties run around the house.
  • Pronouns!  One day, I caught Hazel calling herself “I”.  Then out popped a “you” and a “my”.  This is huge in the development of her speech, but does make it a little less cute.
  • Rhymey-Dimey.  Hazel loves rhymes, thinks they are the most hilarious thing ever (hence, her love of Wocket in my Pocket).  It started with Greeny-bean, and now everything is rhymed.  Purple-durple, pinka-dink, Miles-Piles.  Hey! That sounds familiar.
  • And…she has 12 teeth!…she wants to climb out of bed, but Miles tells her no…Miles is definitely the biggest influence in her life, she worships him…She is singing, constantly. Twinkle twinkle and ABCs are favorites…She loves running with the big kids, and works so hard to catch up…even as no longer a baby, she is a joy, a delight and a wonderful part of our lives!