• Actually….Hazel’s speech has developed significantly in the last month.  One of her signature sayings: “Actually, green is my favorite.” “Actually, I want to drink water.” Actually, it’s really cute.
  • Why-duh-Dhy? Her wanting to know why and rhymes merged to a question that follows almost every statement or command.
  • Potty Training Going Strong.  Even before her 2nd birthday, Hazel could take down her pants, go use her little potty, empty it into the toilet, flush and wash hands.  It took another small member of our family until past 3 to get there!  Goes to show, girls are more mature.
  • Picky Eater. Morning shakes still go down a treat, but that is about the last opportunity to get veggies into this girl. Favorites are meat, bread, noodles, rice and potatoes.  Cucumber wedges that are wrapped in rice and seaweed dipped in soy sauce are also on the fave list.
  • Straight to Bed!  Hazel loves to get to bed, and often wants to forego songs and momma hugs to get there.  She’ll tell me “I want to go straight to bed!” and squirm to get there.  Once in bed, she puts her little head on the pillow (a development this month that made her seem to me even older than the talking or being diaper free), names each of her favorite animals as I put them in her arms: Don (donnie doggie), Ly (lion roar), Pink (pinkie) and Blank to tuck her in.  Then she sings them a song, mostly “Down by the Station”.