Miles is FOUR!  He is so much fun to be around, has a huge heart and is curious about everything.



  • Coloring in the lines.  Never one for much arting and crafting, Miles’ creative side has taken center stage recently.  He went from scribbling to get it done quick to careful coloring and drawing anatomically correct people (fingers and toes folks – count em) and mechanically intricate machines.  Favorite subjects: Cruise Ships, Fire Stations (with kitchens), Cops Robbers & Jail, and Farms. With Combine Harvesters.
  • Focus.  The intensity with which this boy can assemble legos, draw a construction site or even help fix dinner is admirable for this multitasking momma.
  • Sounding it Out.  I suppose having Reading Specialist Grandma Linda around this month has helped out a bit with Miles reading.  He is getting solid on his letters, and spelled his first word: NO.  One day he’ll be reading to us, and I think its not too far off!
  • Big, BIG Emotions.  Miles is learning to handle his emotions, they just seem to come a size too big for his little body.  He has his share of misplaced frustration, and is working on channeling it into huffing, puffing, stomping and caveman cries.  Beats bumping his buddies (or sister!)
  • Running/Riding into the Ground.  Ironman Miles is off his supps and has what seems to be boundless energy to swim, bike & run.  We swim several times a week, and he’s gained confidence to dive into the deep end and paddle around.  His 4th birthday gift was a push bike, with pedals and no training wheels and he was off in 10 minutes riding solo!  Running is fun, but  he does get totally crushed by all his super fast girlfriends.  All the activity means that around 6:30 each night he is totally cashed, melting down and asking for bed.
  • Loving.  Miles routinely tells me: “I very love you momma!” and delivers the biggest hugs ever.  How lucky am I?