This girl continues her maddeningly adorable march into kid-dom.  Growing by the minute, and loving every second of it!

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  • That’s what she said-ed.  Hazel’s idea of the past tense is to add -ed to the end of any already-past-tensed verb.  For instance: I aumphed-ed that yesterday (translation, I ate that)!  Miles taked-ed it from me!  It’s pretty cute.
  • Perfect for Hay!  The girl likes her personalized goods, and anything green is probably made for her.  “Perfect for me!” she’ll exclaim.  It’s also a good way to get her excited about anything (ahem, broccoli) – “A tiny tree!  Perfect for Hay!”
  • Soundtracking life.  Hazel sings.  CONSTANTLY.  Her classic move is to move 10-15 feet from the group, entertain herself and sing. (She is proof these children exist)  She also likes to sing in the sound booth that is her bed.  I’ve got some videos, I’ll post them up.
  • I love you SO much!  Perhaps there is a 2-year-old phase that children go through where they can’t deliver enough hugs, kisses and proclamations of undying devotion.  We’re there, and I want it to go on forever.
  • Number One Fan.  Hazel loves Miles, and he loves her back. They fight, snatch and yell.  He pounds, she cries.  But in every instance they are looking out for each other, and really do not like to be apart.  Siblings are awesome.
  • Growing.  This girl slimmed down and got tall (she can push “down” on the elevator now), grew some hair (enough to warrant a mullet-taming haircut), got one more tooth (only 7 more to go!), and went up a croc size.  The feet are still too fat and tall to fit in anything but a croc, but it’s cool.  The baby fat remains for the most part, but the permanent rubber band around the ankle is loosening.
  • She can sing, she can dance.  Hop, jump, doggie-paddle, kick, throw, catch, and just almost keep up with the big kids.  She counts (English and Chinese), mimics Miles’ Bahasa lessons, recognizes some letters from her name, and can almost color in the lines.  Baby no more, for sure.