Here are a few shots from one of the best kid-free momma mornings yet!  My running buddy Maz and I drove up to the National Park after dropping kids off at school and went for a 2 hour sweaty jungle trail run to the beach.  We chose the smoother, hillier path (that makes sense because the flatter path had more tree roots growing up out of it) over to Teluk Kampur.  The beach was nearly deserted when we arrived.  Couple swigs of water and we headed back out of the jungle, with our clothes as wet as though we’d been in the water (we hadn’t).  Not typically one for sugary drinks, I downed two icy cans of isotonic 100 plus, then walked around the rest of the day on a cloud.  Perfect morning (even though we did see a poisonous coral snake. Rather, I saw it after Maz had run over it!)!!

Could the smiles on our faces get any bigger?



This is pretty idyllic:



It was just a baby anyhow.