There is a very intricate bedtime routine, managed solely by Daddio, that needs to be followed in perfect sequence:

  1. 6:47pm, the clothes come off.
  2. Poop.
  3. Brush Teeth.
  4. Cleared for Take Off (don’t ask).
  5. Take turns in the infant tub. (They no longer both fit in there!)
  6. Nack Nack Ribbit Ribbit, a towel routine.
  7. Jams.
  8. Dapper*
  9. Give Momma a hug-and-a-kiss-and-a-blow.
  10. Story Time. One picked by Miles, one by Hazel, and a mandarin story by Daddio.
  11. Songs, one for each, while they are put in their beds.
  12. Closing the door, often to the accompanying reminders: goodnightdaddio, seeyouatbreakfast, lockthedoor, ifyousareoutputthemaway, goodnightdaddio….
  13. 7:34pm, all is quiet.

*Here are the Dapper Dans, a hairstyle which they call dapper.