The kids had their first big outing with school last month.  It was a big one to undertake with 50 kids aged 2-4; I guess that’s why they invited parents to come along!  Destination was a two-hour bus ride away in traffic, luckily it only took an hour to get home.  Following a month-long animals theme in class, we were headed to the Bukit Merah Eco Park.  We watched a bird show where the huge macaws performed tricks I didn’t know birds were capable of, like riding a bike!  Then there was a feeding park, petting park and a few animals you didn’t want to get too close to way behind bars (bears, crocodiles, snakes, etc).  We had lunch by the lake and hopped back on the bus for home.

It was a good time, getting to know other parents and Miles’ friends and teachers (Hazel joined Miles class so she could be with me).  The kids really enjoyed it.


In their brand new school outfits.


The Good Manners Class.


The only two kids who insisted on being buckled up on the bus.


Pai Dui! (Line Up!)


Feeding the deers.


Exhausted on the way home.