Although I would like to be, I am not that mom that brings out messy projects, or even allows messy projects.  Those moms seem so fun, their houses so livable and creative.  I, on the other hand, get palpitations when my kids eat rice indoors.  The kids don’t own any markers and our crayons are washable.  Legos get picked up or they get vacuumed up.  We spend a lot of time (getting dirty) outside.

So when Miles pulled out the poster paints for a living room session, I tried.  I rolled up the rug, drew the curtains, had them take off all their clothes and let them go for it.  I had to rein myself in, avoid yelling or crying, only controlling a wayward brush every now and then.  It took nearly all the strength I could muster, and at the end it wasn’t so bad.

Here’s to loosening up (I’m toasting you with the drink I needed before the paint was dry).