Unexpectedly, we have a new lease on Life in Penang, with a 12 month contract finishing Summer 2015.  Four Years will become Five – We’re extending!

This all went down around the beginning of May, when Tim was asked to say and take on more leadership responsibilities at the office in Penang.  It is a great opportunity for him career-wise.  Personally, it works out really well for our family.  The kids are settled into school and loving it.  I’ve been doing some sessions as a personal trainer, and the community we’ve formed here is a hard one to leave.  We’re really excited about the chance to stay, to enjoy our charming island with it’s wonderful weather (we’re finally used to the heat & humidity!), to enjoy the cultural and culinary experiences of living in South East Asia, and maybe get to a few spots on the travel radar we may have missed.

But the day after it was announced, I was an emotional mess.  I didn’t realize how far down the path of leaving I had gone in my head.  The bags were packed up there for some time, and while I was happy to stop packing (nothing is easier than doing what you are doing – change is what causes stress), I ignored the fact that my trajectory was towards leaving and this announcement would be a change after all.  Switching gears again, even with all the positive responses and encouragement from local friends, felt hard.

Luckily, with the wonderful support of our family and friends all over the world, I am back to a good place about our situation.  I’m making plans and setting goals, and enjoying being right here right now.  As for you, the invitation is back out there – come visit the Stelzers in Penang!