It took 9 years outside of the states, but we finally found ourselves waking up early for a football game that didn’t allow the use of hands. Spurred on by some soccer-loving yanks out here, we caught World Cup Fever pretty hard, and had the kids up and breakfasting over goals and brackets. We had a blast watching the US win, tie and lose-to-win a spot into the next round of play.

Sports watching had an unexpected effect on Miles. Never one for balling, after witnessing just 45 minutes of play, Miles abandoned his dreams of being a control systems engineer and declared a future of kicking and heading a ball. Tim was in heaven that night when Miles wanted to play soccer. Turned out Miles’ disinterest in sports was likely caused by an extremely uncommon situation: not enough sports TV at home. The next day he said: “Remember that time we watched TV dad? Let’s do it again!”