Grandma Linda came to visit for 5 weeks.  By the last weekend, she had pretty much exhausted the track between our place and Song River – we needed to get this Grandma off the Island!  We opted for a quick Sunday morning trip over to the Penang Bird Park.  It hadn’t rained in weeks, and we picked the only 88 minute dry spell to visit these feathered folks.  Miles came armed with his Birds of Malaysia book (he’s a little birder), and we walked around enjoying the birds in their cages.  We stayed about 2 minutes too long in the gift shop buying peacock feathers, the heavens opened and our trip was done!



Afterwards, we headed into Georgetown for a final coffee and lunch session.  It was still raining, and made for a perfect time at Coffee Junk drinking dirty chai.


Nyonya lunch finished off a great morning.  I think Hazel should have got in on that espresso a bit…she missed lunch!